The product we have designed is a ready-to-use gabion basket filled with granite. In contrast to gabions produced on site our gabion baskets offer the following advantages:

  • Short construction period: a team of three people can, with the aid of a machine (crane or excavator), handle about 100m² of gabion basket per day
  • Extremely high stability: the use of spot welded, galvanized steel twice the strength with wires 6 mm in diameter guarantees that these gabion baskets won’t be deformed during transport and handling. In addition, each gabion basket is fitted with a lever which makes it easier for the crane or excavator to lift.
  • A uniform appearance because the gabion baskets are always filled with the same kind of material, using a vibrating compactor. This method ensures that the gabion baskets can be used several times without becoming deformed.
  • Only little storage space is needed on the building site because there are no rocks or empty baskets which have to be stored.
  • Only hot - dipped galvanized bars are used for the production of our gabion baskets – with a zinc coating of at least 500 g/m². The basket is galvanized after the grid has been shaped to avoid chipping and to guarantee a permanent corrosion protection.
  • Our gabion basket can be removed and re-used without difficulties.

On the basis of these features these gabion baskets are particularly suitable for:

  • Embankment slope protection
  • Retaining walls
  • Noise and partition wall protection
  • Architectural design
  • Pieces of art

Depending on the use and the kind of machine available to help with the construction we can deliver gabions from 0.25 m³ to 2.00 m³. The weight of each gabion varies depending on the size of the basket – between 350 kg and 3,100 kg.